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Having Questions In Your Mind?

  • Can you help me in my project in live 1:1 session ?
    Yes, we help our clients in their projects too via live 1:1 sessions
  • Can I ask doubts during the session ?
    You will be on live 1:1 session with the tutor, you can ask as many doubts as you want and get clear explanation of everything
  • I don't want to enroll in a course, I want some help in a project, do you offer that ?
    Yes, you can get an expert onboard to help you in your project
  • How is your training better then others ?
    - We provide live 1:1 personalized learning. Our all tutors are industry experts and get onboard with us after a rigorous profile verification. - We provide flexible timing options, schedule the session whenever you want. - Project based Learning
  • What are all the tools and technologies you can teach in data science ?
    We teach the following tools and technologies in data science Programming Languages - Python/R Statistics Python data analytics libraries - Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib Machine Learning using scikit learn Deep learning NLP SQL MS Excel Tableau, Power BI We will customize the course based on your requirements
  • Can you help me in building a Machine Learning project ?
    Yes, just connect with us and tell us about your project. We will make the project via live 1:1 sessions with our expert Machine Learning tutors
  • What are all technologies you can teach in website development ?
    We have the expert tutors with expertise in following mentioned skills HTML CSS Bootstrap Javascript/PHP/Python React JS/ Angular JS Node JS/ Django MongoDB/SQL Contact us regarding your learning requirements and your goal. We will get back to us with a customised plan
  • Can you help me in my web development project ?
    Yes, we can help you building a complete website, any new feature, helping in solving your bugs via live 1 on 1 sessions with our web development specialists
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