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Learn Website Development From The Most Reputed Online Coding Teaching Platform

Learn most trending website development technologies like Javascript, React js, Node js from the industry experts

What is Website Development?
What is Website Development?

Website development is a process in which we develop a static or dynamic page that we host on the server so that people all around the globe access the page and learn about us, and interact with us.

Single pages are known as webpages and a group of webpages is known as websites

We use multiple tech stacks like MERN, PHP, and other CMS platforms to build a website. And the people who develop websites are called web developers. Learn more below.

Compete Detail About Course

In this Website development course, we will teach you complete website development. What is a website, how does it work, what is a server, what are functions, stacks, locals, and much more.

The course will be taken by The Coding Live's highly educated and professional tutors.

It will be a 1-1 class for professionals who are already working in a job or handling their businesses and want to grow their career and want to learn about website developments, which they can implement in their work and get better results.

Once you complete the course from Coding Live, you will get complete knowledge of website development, which you can add to your resume and get better placements, better salary, and a better work environment

If you are running a business, then having a website in today's world is as important as air and water to humans.

Today website is the base requirement of every business from small scale to big enterprise level.

If you know how to build a website, you can do that same implementation to your business and take your business to its very next level, plus you can also provide the same service to businesses around you can have a big lump sump earning as well.

So learning website development from Coding Live gives you access to hundreds of new opportunities.

In this course, what you will learn about?
1. Website Structure
3. DOM
4. CSS
5. JavaScript/Python/PHP
6. Frontend frameworks like React JS and Node JS
7. Backend Frameworks like Node JS
8. MongoDB/SQL

We prepare a customized course after analyzing the client's current knowledge and their requirements.
Grow your career and open the door of opportunity with Data Science.
Book a free demo class to know more.
This will be a game-changer course for your website development career.

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