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Graphic Design Course. Join Now For 1 on 1 online live classes

Become a graphics expert by learning Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canvas, Adobe XD/Figma from industry experts via live 1:1 classes

What is Graphic Design?
What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is a process in which you combine text, images, and objects and use your creativity to make poster, banner, social media post other such content.

Graphic design requirements are at their peak. Today almost every business needs a graphic designer to showcase their product/service on social media in a much more attractive manner. Learn and become a graphic designer today with The Coding Live.

Compete Detail About Course

Learn graphic design and grow your career.

Graphic design in today's date is among the most demanded service. People all around the world are using graphic design to enhance their social media presence and grow their businesses. And for this, they want a complete all-in-one graphic designer who can fill all their graphic design gaps.

Here at The Coding Live, you will learn complete graphic design from the industry experts.

It will be a 1-1 class for the professionals who are already working in a job or handling their businesses and want to grow their career and want to learn about graphic design and for the students who want to grow their career in graphic designing.

In this course, we will cover these topics
1. Introduction to graphic design
2. Fundamentals of graphic design
3. Photoshop
4. XD
5. Figma
6. Canva
7. Free Photoshop plugins

We prepare a customized course after analyzing the client's current knowledge and their requirements.
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