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Expand Your Data Science Knowledge With 1:1 Online Coding Classes

Schedule 1:1 online live classes to learn Python, Machine Learning, SQL... with the industry experts and grow your career in Data Science

What is Data Science?
What is Data Science?

Data Science is a process through which you extract relevant insights from the given data.

The data which you extracted can be used in prediction, model making, algorithm development, and scaling the business to new heights.

In today's world, almost all big tech companies have dedicated data science centers where people work day and night on data and create algorithms and models which in final give the company major profits.

Compete Detail About Course

In this course you will learn about complete Data Science, What is data actually, how to analyze them, what are insights, How to create an algorithm, and much more will be covered in this course.

This will be a 1-1 online course for professionals who are at present working in a job and want to get better hikes, better placement, and a better work environment and for the young graduates who wants to learn trending employable skills

You will learn from industry experts having years of experience working in the domain.

After you complete the Data Science course from Coding Live you open the door to hundreds of opportunities.

What will be covered in this course?
1. Introduction to Data Science

2. Roadmap

3. Python in detail

4. Statistics

5. Data Analytics libraries

6. Machine learning and Deep learning algorithms

We prepare a customized course after analyzing the client's current knowledge and their requirements.

Grow your career and open the door of opportunity with Data Science.

Book a free demo class to know more.

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